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Dipps Bhamrah Sung 11 Songs in 7 Albums. The Most popular Duet and Single songs by Dipps Bhamrah are Beats By Bhangra (Feat. Juggy Rihal & The Masterclass) , Electro Mahi (feat. Some Lady) , Nachna, Aaj Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai Feat. Jati Cheed, That Duet (Kaala Tikka Nazaar Mix), Rock Chic Jugni (Headbang Mix) Feat K.S. Bhamrah & Kam Frantic, Desi Jugni (90s Bhangra Mix) Feat K.S. Bhamrah, Hot Girl (feat. Mani Maan), Sachi Muchi (If You Really Love Me Mix), Twerking Jugni (Bumslap Mix) Feat. K.S. Bhamrah & Play Desi Productions.

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